Home Care Startup Honor Scores $42 Million Funding

Home care is hot, if a recent $42 million funding grab is any indication of where technology is making waves in the health care space. Home care startup Honor has announced the eye-popping figure in a Series B round. The figure may give senior housing providers some pause, as many already view home care as the biggest […]

CVCs Investing in Next Wave of Senior Care Solutions

Corporate venture capital (CVC) is on the rise, partnering with an influx of startup businesses that aim to tackle the health care system’s biggest problems and innovate on trends that are critical to the senior care industry. With broad capabilities to invest in startups that are helping drive significant changes across the health care system, […]

The Top 10 Senior Housing Trends for 2016

Trends, influenced by tailwinds and headwinds, blow strong and then can change course over short periods or over a span of many years. On an airplane, these tailwinds and headwinds create turbulence, causing temporary discomfort that typically passes with smoother air ahead. So even though a slight tailwind at the senior housing industry’s back is […]

Startup Scores $27.5 Million, Seeks Senior Living Partners

Fresh off announcing an eye-popping $27.5 million Series B investment round, home care startup Hometeam says it is looking to expand the number of senior living providers it is working with. Hometeam—similar to startups Honor and HomeHero—utilizes technology to match up seniors and in-home caregivers, provide more visibility into what occurs in clients’ homes, enable […]