Why Senior Living Operators Can Get Even More Creative With Food

This story is part of your SHN+ membership It’s no secret that senior living operators have a hill left to climb in the form of compressed margins and occupancy. Food is a growing part of that effort. In the years following Covid-19, senior living sales teams have worked hard to show the value that communities […]

Senior Living Operators Pivot from Resident Rates to Ancillary Services to Boost Revenue

Senior living operators have relied on resident rate increases to recoup margins lost over the last four years, but the days of pushing steep increases onto consumers is coming to a close. Instead of pushing through big rate increases, providers are expanding ancillary service offerings in ways that include launching affiliated businesses and standing up […]

‘Tough Balance’: How Holbrook Life, Optima Living Are Succeeding in Changing Senior Living Sales Climate

With rising acuity in communities, senior living operators are changing how they market independence, lifestyle and care. They feel the push to get more creative in engaging with prospective residents given that the sales cycle continues to get longer and customer preferences have changed amid demographic shifts. Since 2020, operators have seen an increased age […]

3 Top Trends Shaping the Future of Senior Living Sales and Marketing

This article is part of your SHN+ subscription From being “compassionately aggressive” in order to increase conversions, to having sales teams trained to handle various aspects of both marketing and sales in “centralized systems,” many providers are making significant changes to their senior living sales practices. This comes as operators make strategic investments in new […]

‘Much More Active’: How Memberships Help LifeStar, Holbrook Attract Industry’s Next Generation of Residents

As the cost of senior living operations remain high, wellness-based membership models are helping senior living operators supplement their bottom lines. In anticipation of an expected surge in demand from the baby boomers , operators have pivoted to offering hospitality- and wellness-focused initiatives in their communities with an overall focus on lifestyle. Doing so is […]