Senior Housing Oversupply Creates Near-Term Headwinds

Following the economic downturn, the senior housing market has experienced a strong recovery on many fronts: investment from interested parties, some of whom have not yet before invested in the sector; and a construction boom that has led to new and improved communities. But investors and prognosticators have begun to ask the question: when does […]

Post-Acute Providers Draw Fire for How They Bill Uncle Sam

While providers in the senior housing sector have embraced specialized services like post-acute care, some operators are coming under fire for their Medicare billing practices and quality of care, casting a shadow over this growing part of the industry. A Wall Street Journal report published Monday found that Medicare’s billing structure has created a rewards system that […]

HCP Charts Future Course for Senior Housing

After a period of turmoil with its largest tenant and shaky investor confidence, the leader of HCP Inc. (NYSE: HCP) says that the giant senior housing real estate company has righted the ship and is “sailing confidently.” But in what direction is CEO Lauralee Martin taking the company, exactly? A high-profile addition to the C-Suite […]

HCN: Senior Housing Can Help Solve a Big Problem

Health Care REIT (NYSE: HCN) continues to be bullish on its position in the senior living investor marketplace, having added a series of new properties to its portfolio as well as new acquisitions with existing operating partners during the first half of 2015.  The health care real estate giant also expanded its reach into medical […]

Senior Living Developer Swings Big with $1 Billion Canadian Pipeline

Canada’s senior housing sector continues to attract big money from both national and U.S. investors looking to capitalize on the market’s robust opportunities for acquisition and development. For some players, including one Montreal-based senior housing owner-operator-developer, the opportunity is to the tune of more than $1 billion. The reach is so big, that this provider […]

HCN Senior Housing President Chuck Herman To Retire

Health Care REIT (NYSE: HCN) has announced that as of July 1, its longtime executive Chuck Herman, who currently serves as president of the company’s senior housing division, will retire. The company announced Herman’s intentions in a public filing on Monday.  Charles J. Herman, Jr., known in the senior housing industry by his nickname, Chuck, informed the […]

The 221 Million Opportunities for Senior Living Developers in China

A number of factors make China a prime frontier for senior living investment, and several U.S. investors have already begun to make significant inroads into the vast market. But other key players continue to avoid China, raising questions about the advantages and disadvantages of entering the Asian scene. Compelling aging demographics, coupled with a shift […]

Enormous Health Care REIT Consolidation Wave is Yet to Come

Health care real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been the most active investors in senior housing properties of late, dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire massive portfolios. But the full force of their blockbuster potential may still be yet to come. Currently, health care REITs own about 12% of all the institutional […]