Study Shows Older Adults With Alzheimer’s Face Financial Difficulties Even Before Diagnosis

Memory issues, confusion and personality changes are thought to be early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but a new study shows financial decline in older adults can be another early indicator. Older adults who eventually were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s were 17.2% more likely to have fallen behind on mortgage payments, according to a new study from the […]

Senior Living Innovator Carle: Safety of Assisted Living Versus At-Home Memory Care Must Be Weighed in Light of WaPo Reports

A recent Washington Post investigation highlighting elopements among residents with memory care needs may be missing the forest for the trees, including the relative safety of communal living versus people with dementia residing in single-family homes. That is the opinion of Andrew Carle, a longtime senior living innovator, adjunct lecturer at Georgetown University and former […]

How One Industry Innovator is Rethinking Memory Care in Senior Living ‘Capstone Project’

A longtime senior living innovator and Georgetown University adjunct faculty member is touting a new memory care design undertaken at a life plan community in Virginia as a next-generation vision for the industry. The community earlier this year unveiled a new approach involving technology and physical renovations that amounted to creating a “first-of-its-kind” memory care […]

Transform Podcast #59: Andrew Carle of Georgetown University and The Virginian

Andrew Carle has spent a long time in senior living, from working alongside Granger Cobb at Summerville Senior Living in the 1990s to now working as an adjunct lecturer at Georgetown University and as executive director of The Virginian, a CCRC in Fairfax, Virginia, managed by Life Care Services. From Carle’s perspective, the industry is […]

10 Ideas Shaping the Future of Senior Living Development

Buildings designed to promote wellness, ambitious urban communities, clusters of small homes created with cutting-edge tech  — and even senior living at sea. These are among the ideas shaping the future of senior living development, as revealed earlier this year at Senior Housing News’ inaugural BUILD event. With the Fourth of July fast approaching, we’re […]

Senior Living Can Ease Enrollment, Financial Pain Points for Universities

While it’s no secret that universities and senior living organizations can and do work together, challenges such as slow development timelines, mismatching priorities and miscommunication can make executing on these partnerships easier said than done. However big the challenges are, the opportunity for the senior living industry is even bigger, senior living consultant and adjunct […]

Why Senior Living Should Ask More of University Partners

If senior living providers want to work with universities, they’re going to have to offer something of value — but they should ask for something in return, too. That’s according to Andrew Carle, a senior living consultant and former COO of Affinity Living. Carle knows a thing or two about senior living and academia, as […]

AgingWell Hub Sheds Light on Boomers’ Future Housing, Care Choices

While it’s clear that baby boomers are on the cusp of aging into senior housing en masse, the lifestyle choices they’ll make and the living options they’ll prefer remain somewhat of a mystery. A new resource could help answer these questions. The “Living Environments” map — made in collaboration with AgingWell Hub and a wide […]