AARP Highlights Continued Lack of Affordable Senior Living Options

The cost of long-term services and supports is high, and senior living is still not attainable for most older adults or their families. The most recent example of the high cost of care is courtesy of a new report from the AARP Public Policy Institute. The 24th annual report, titled “Across the States 2018: Profiles of […]

These are the Best and Worst States for Seniors to Grow Old

Seniors that reside in Utah may relish in the fact that the state is considered the “best” state in which to age, according to’s “2017 Best and Worst States to Grow Old” report. The third-party senior care referral agent ranked states according to various factors, including senior living community reviews, nursing home costs and elderly well-being assessments. […]

Editor’s Picks: Spicy HCP News

It’s been a spicy news week, dominated by two organizations: HCP Inc. and Argentum. HCP has been the laggard among the “Big 3” senior housing real estate investment trusts in recent years, seeing its share price drop below its peers as it has confronted a number of issues. With the news this week that it […]

Best U.S. States in Which to Grow Old

Americans deciding where to spend their over-55 years shouldn’t choose a state based solely on the promise of sunny, warm weather. In fact, they should set their sights on the sometimes cold and gloomy Midwest. South Dakota, which offers high-quality care at prices that are below average, is the best state in the country in which […]

Senior Care Burdens Grow Heavier for Families

The toll of caregiving can sometimes be more than one can handle, findings from Genworth’s recent “Beyond Dollars” study show. Senior living providers can offer an alternative that may be increasingly attractive to family caregivers, who are experiencing greater burdens and may be seeing their careers and income suffer, the findings suggest. Today’s caregivers are […]

Must Reads: Worst States for Nursing Homes, the CCRC ‘Death Valley’ Problem

Top news organizations around the country recently ran these must-read stories related to senior housing. You Don’t Want to Be Old in These States—Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma are among the states where nursing home quality lags the most, according to a recent analysis of government ratings. Nursing home stakeholders point to chronic underfunding by Medicaid […]

Must Reads: Slinging Heroin in Senior Housing, CCRC Tax Benefits

Top news organizations around the country recently ran these must-read stories related to senior housing. Harrisburg Police Discover Drug Activity in Senior Living Apartments—High-rise senior living apartments in Pennsylvania’s capital are a hotbed of the local heroin trade, police say. The problem is a combination of aging Baby Boomers “continuing what they know” and younger […]

10 Most Expensive Places for Assisted Living in 2015

With the cost of assisted living care increasing dramatically on a national basis, this senior living option remains most expensive in Washington, D.C., according to the 12th annual Cost of Care Survey from Genworth. “The survey shows a dramatic increase in facility based care, including assisted living and nursing home facilities, while the cost to […]

10 Most Expensive Places for Assisted Living: DC Tops Again

Assisted living care is most expensive on the East Coast and in Washington, D.C. in particular, according to newly released data that confirms prior findings.  The average one-bedroom monthly rate for assisted living is $8,127 in the nation’s capital, according to the 2014 Cost of Care Study recently released by LTCG, a firm that helps […]

10 Most Expensive States for Assisted Living

Long-term care is expensive across the country, but some states—particularly those on the East Coast—have much higher median costs than others, as demonstrated by Genworth’s 2014 Cost of Care Survey. Nearly half of the states have a higher median annual cost for care in a single-occupancy assisted living unit than the U.S. median of $42,000. […]