Beyond Special Diets: How Garden Spot, Lifespark Infuse Wellness in Senior Living Dining Programs

Wellness is a big area of interest in senior living dining programs given the wants and needs of the incoming baby boomer generation. But wellness goes beyond just meeting dietary needs. Senior living operators including Lifespark and Garden Spot Communities are going beyond low-sodium and low-fat meals and are embracing food that is both toothsome […]

How Garden Spot Used ‘Sonic Treatment’ to Improve Memory Care Operations

What an older adult with dementia hears throughout the night may help promote better sleep and bring about a variety of other wellness benefits. That’s according to the findings of a study conducted by Garden Spot Communities in collaboration with the Center for Health Design and Composure, an audio technology company dedicated to serving senior […]

9 Quotes That Defined Senior Living in 2023 and Suggest What’s In Store for 2024

After a slower start than many operators had hoped in 2023, the senior living industry is poised to regain pre-pandemic occupancy in 2024 – but many of the pandemic era’s challenges still remain. Challenges for the year ahead include finding ways to grow as new development remains tough, navigating lingering high expenses, staffing communities with […]

‘Only Way to Serve Them’: Why More Senior Living Operators Are Opting to Affiliate

As the era of the single-site and small-system operator comes to a close, organizations are increasingly looking to scale by affiliating with one another. While operators have long sought affiliations as a creative way to grow – particularly on the nonprofit side of the industry – the challenges of operations in recent years have pushed […]

Why the Era of Single-Site Senior Living Communities is ‘Coming to a Close’

This article available as part of your SHN+ membership Last week, Garden Spot Communities announced a new affiliation with another senior living non-profit, Frederick Living. A quote from CEO Steve Lindsey caught my eye: “The era of the single-site and small-system organization is coming to a close.” Most casual readers of Senior Housing News over […]

Transactions and Financings: Westminster Communities of Florida Affiliation; Bridge Expands Into Texas

Affiliations Garden Spot Communities, Frederick Living announce affiliation Garden Spot Communities and Frederick Living announced an affiliation between the two organizations Sept. 1. According to a press release, the affiliation process is well underway and when it is complete early next year, Frederick Living will become a Garden Spot Community to join Garden Spot Village […]

Garden Spot, Frederick Living Agree to Affiliate, Advancing Growth Strategy

New Holland-based Garden Spot Communities is absorbing another local senior living nonprofit through affiliation, advancing the organization’s long-term growth strategy. Garden Spot is currently affiliating with Frederick Living, the organization announced Friday. The process for affiliation has been underway since December 2022, Garden Spot Communities CEO Steve Lindsey told Senior Housing News, and is anticipated […]

‘Push the Envelope’: Architects Rethink Senior Living Design for the Boomers

Architects and designers are pushing the envelope of senior living design in an effort to meet the preferences of the incoming baby boomer generation. Though the bulk of the cohort is still years away from reaching average senior living age, companies are preparing now by reimagining the basic senior living community design with efficiency, resident […]

‘Way of the Future’: Senior Living Operators Envision Next Generation of Niche Communities

Senior living operators have long developed communities catering to specific groups with niche and affinity-based offerings. But as a new generation of senior living residents approaches the industry, they are adapting that model to meet the changing habits of prospective residents. From changing habits to evolving social needs, operators are keeping up with new trends […]