Building Online Senior Living Brands Demands Consumer-Centric Content

Facebook probably won’t help build a senior living brand, but email might, marketing experts revealed during a webinar hosted last Thursday by Senior Housing News and sponsored by Creating Results on how to boost digital marketing return on investment. Senior living marketers shouldn’t count on older consumers to help build their online brands through social media, panelists […]

Scale Gives Senior Living Providers Advantage in PR Nightmares

It would be hard to forget the hundreds of negative headlines that erupted across the nation about Brookdale and Emeritus this spring, yet their respective stock prices never took a correlating hit. Not all are so lucky to have the resources or scale to deal with a public relations nightmare, however. Much depends on the […]

Integrated, Personalized Approach the Holy Grail of Senior Living Marketing

The process of converting a senior living prospect into a moved-in resident has grown longer and costlier since the economic downturn, and marketing campaigns increasingly require an integrated approach that incorporates online and offline components along with a personalized touch.  “[Marketing] campaigns have to be very integrated and diverse,” says Rebecca Donato, vice president of business […]