Senior Living Providers Respond to Wildfires, Smoke In Midst of Pandemic

As wildfires burned millions of acres on the West Coast, senior living providers in the region grappled with another problem in addition to the pandemic: thick smoke and poor air quality. Last week, countless people along the West Coast woke up to “apocalyptic” orange and red skies as historic wildfires burned millions of acres of […]

Senior Living Providers Must Be Vigilant To Keep Property Taxes in Check

While senior housing providers across the country grapple with controlling rising costs from operations and labor, there is one other line item to which they should be paying close attention: property taxes.  Property taxes are a hot button issue across the country, particularly as reforms are being proposed to how commercial real estate is assessed […]

California Stalls Three Assisted Living Overhaul Bills

Three bills that would have increased regulatory oversight of assisted living communities in California, along with creating a more detailed consumer database on every licensed facility in the state, have all failed to advance in the state’s Legislature.  Of the 16 bills on the table for California’s Senate Appropriations Committee, only two have made it […]