(Sponsored) 3 Key Senior Living Benefits of Vertical Farming

Senior living communities face unprecedented challenges touching on all areas of community life, from move-ins and occupancy to resident activities to food quality and sourcing. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing operators to re-imagine their offering and strategies, to find creative solutions to everyday challenges. Vertical farming is one of those solutions. Babylon Micro-Farms in Charlottesville, […]

Rising Trends in Senior Living Dining: Cloud Kitchens and On-Site Microfarms

Senior housing providers are embracing an ever-growing list of unique dining services and amenities in order to attract tomorrow’s residents and save on operating costs — including indoor hydroponic microfarms and offsite “cloud kitchens.” Two companies leading the way in this regard are Charlottesville, Virginia-based Commonwealth Senior Living, and Priya Living, a senior housing company […]