When we first introduced Changemakers in 2019, the world was an entirely different place. Since then, unforeseen challenges wreaked havoc on the senior living industry, testing owners, operators, and executives in ways we never thought possible. Emerging from this trying experience were some of the most inspirational, unwavering and transformative leaders of our time. They continue to push forward as the landscape of senior living evolves at a rapid rate, and these leaders are more important to us than ever before.

We are honored to introduce our 2021 class of Changemakers.

These leaders possess the vision and skills necessary to create a bright future for senior living. We conducted in-depth interviews with each one of them, delving into the impressive ways they have shaped senior living as we know it, and exploring today their plans for the senior living of tomorrow.

We are proud to share their stories here, in a special series sponsored by Yardi.

2021 Changemakers

  • Terri Cunliffe
    President & CEO
    Covenant Living
  • X
  • Les Strech
    Thrive Senior Living
  • X
  • Michael Joseph
    President & Founder
    Clover Management
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2020 Changemakers

  • Mary Leary
    President & CEO
  • X
  • Dwayne Clark
    Founder & CEO
    Aegis Living
  • X
  • Michael Schonbrun
    Founder, President & CEO
    Balfour Senior Care
  • X
  • Richard Hutchinson
    Discovery Senior Living
  • X
  • Brenda Bacon
    President and CEO
    Brandywine Living
  • X
  • Loren Shook
    Founder and CEO
  • X
  • David Block
    Director of Development
    Evergreen Real Estate Group
  • X
  • Arun Paul
    Priya Living
  • X
  • Charlie Trefzger
    President & CEO
    ALG Senior
  • X
  • Marc Vorkapich
    Principal and CEO
    Watercrest Senior Living
  • X
  • John Cochrane
    President and CEO
  • X