Vi CEO Shares Tips for Beating the Labor Shortage

Senior living providers are going to have to confront the labor shortage sooner or later—but exactly how remains up in the air. Vi President Randy Richardson has some ideas, though. Vi is a Chicago-based senior housing company that owns and operates 10 high-end continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and serves about 5,000 residents throughout the U.S. “We’re […]

‘Exact Opposite Now’: How Senior Living Design Has Changed Over 20 Years

Pictured above: Dean Maddalena, president of studioSIX5 America’s aging demographic is ushering in a new style of senior housing community—one that looks remarkably different from those that gained popularity 20 years ago. In fact, in some key respects the industry has done done a 180-degree about-face, and what once was “taboo” now is in demand. Senior Housing […]

This ‘Home Improvement’ Character Tops List of Hypothetical Caregivers

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor may not have been a good handyman, but his wife, Jill, would have made a great senior caregiver. That’s according to a new survey from Senior Helpers, one of the nation’s largest home care franchises with 298 locations across the U.S. and over a dozen more abroad. The survey tracked responses from 1,000 adult children […]

Why It’s Gotten Harder to Secure a Senior Housing Construction Loan

Across the U.S., some developers are finding it a little more difficult to get money to build new senior housing projects. And it’s not just the developers saying that. Some of those big national capital providers also agree that construction loans for senior housing are generally harder to come by these days. Issues like construction […]

Silverado Branches Out From Memory Care With ‘Vivra’ Concept

One senior living company best known for providing memory care to seniors is branching out and piloting a new concept. It focuses on people who do not have memory impairments and may be in need of help, but not as much help as skilled nursing. Irvine, California-based Silverado opened its first “Vivra” neighborhood of about 25 beds […]

Monday Jump-Start: Brookdale Sale Talks Ongoing

Happy Monday! It’s a busy time in the senior housing industry as public companies begin to share their latest financial results. It’s also a busy time in “funny hat” news, due in part to one half of an athletic elderly couple. Here’s what you may have missed last week: HCP Inc. (NYSE: HCP) is on […]

5 Things Nonprofit Senior Housing Providers Can Learn from For-Profits

In some ways, not-for-profit senior living providers and for-profit senior living providers couldn’t be more different. In other ways, they should likely try to be more similar. In fact, not-for-profit senior living providers have plenty to learn from their for-profit counterparts, according to experts who spoke at the LeadingAge Illinois 2017 Meeting and Exposition in […]

You Do You: Marketing to Beat New Competition in Senior Housing

It’s no secret that senior living communities are popping up across the U.S. at a challenging pace. Fresh operators are shaking up markets in cities where new senior housing construction is booming, such as Dallas, Minneapolis, and Atlanta. These days, many operators throughout the country are asking the same question: What should I do if a […]

Monday Jump-Start: First ‘Dementia Village’ in the U.S.

Happy Monday! This past week was a busy one for the senior housing industry. Catch up on our most-read news before this week’s news starts piling up: Holiday Retirement announced it is moving its headquarters from Lake Oswego, Oregon, to Winter Park, Florida—and impacting about 200 jobs in the process. A Georgia-based senior living provider’s […]

Argentum CEO: Senior Living is an ‘Engine of Job Creation’

Despite widespread criticism of the current presidential administration and infighting among political parties in Washington, the current political climate may bode well for the senior living industry, according to James Balda, president and CEO of national senior living industry organization Argentum. The senior living industry has plenty of ways to curry favor with policymakers, Balda suggested […]