Locking Rents Could Be More Gimmick Than Game-Changer in Senior Living

Senior living providers across the country have done some creative things to attract new residents, from installing touch-screen tables in community sales centers to offering potential residents the chance to “try before they buy.” Some tactics are riskier than others, though, including offering locked-in rents in which initial rates are frozen for a set period of time. […]

Letter to the Editor from Don Draper

The following article was written as part of an exercise that required the writer to imagine how Don Draper, the main character from the television show Mad Men, would reinvent senior living advertising.  Dear Editor, Don Draper here.  Remember me? Suave, debonaire, loyal. I read your article, “3 Tips For Better Senior Living Marketing Over […]

10 Most Expensive States for Seniors

Wyoming is famous for its natural beauty, but its expanses of wilderness are one reason it is the toughest U.S. state for seniors to live in, according to recently released rankings that looked at the costs of care and accessibility of services. The Cowboy State ranked No. 38 in the cost of care category on […]

Opinion: Inside the Senior Living Pricing Conundrum

You’d think that obtaining senior living pricing would be easy. Finding the price of a good or service is a pretty straightforward process in most markets. In retail, in hotels, in air travel, restaurants, even hair salons, pricing tends to be listed on the item for purchase or on a menu of services that are […]

70% of Senior Living Communities Don’t Offer Discounted Rents

If there’s one thing that consistently divides the senior living industry, it’s discounting. The practice has been described as “brand-destroying” by Brandywine President and CEO Brenda Bacon and accused of sending consumers the wrong message by various marketing companies, but some providers, like Capital Senior Living (NYSE: CSU), have also put it to use during periods of lower-than-ideal occupancy. […]

Editor’s Take: A Martha Stewart-Snoop Dogg Retirement Community Would Be Dope

Fresh off conquering the airwaves with their hit VH1 cooking show, lifestyle icon Martha Stewart and hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg should consider a new venture—creating a 55-plus or “active living” retirement community. The idea might sound far-fetched, but consider the forthcoming Margaritaville retirement communities. After plans were first announced early in 2017 for a Jimmy […]

3 Tips for Better Senior Living Marketing Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time filled with warmth, laughter and good cheer—and they’re also an important time for senior living providers. That’s because the holiday season usually marks an influx of online senior living inquiries as families and adult children begin researching care options for their parents or loved ones. Experts from digital marketing firm G5 and Seattle-based owner and operator Merrill […]

Disruption to Create Big Winners, Big Losers in Senior Living

If some senior housing providers don’t act fast, they could end up like Blockbuster Video—largely dismissed by once-loyal consumers and ultimately cast aside to make room for a newer, more innovative competitor. That’s because the senior housing industry is headed into a period of “disruptive innovation,” a trend that also doomed the now-defunct home video […]

On-Demand Drones Give Senior Living Developers an Edge

The “Uberization” of drones has arrived, with on-demand services giving senior housing developers a new way to oversee construction, improve investor relations and boost marketing efforts. Chicago-based CA Ventures is one such developer. Founded in 2004 as a real estate holding company focused on student housing, the firm has since grown to 250 employees and […]