California Lawmakers to Look Closely at Assisted Living in Upcoming Hearings

California lawmakers will hold hearings in February to examine assisted living providers in the state, following a San Diego Union-Tribune report outlining problems with assisted living homes.  The publication worked with the California Healthcare Foundation Center for Health Reporting at the University of Southern California on the investigations cited in the reports, which included two […]

States Updating Assisted Living Regulations as Industry Evolves

Because assisted living is regulated on the state level, there are multiple efforts under way at any given time to update and refresh assisted living rules and regulations. Even when legislators are not in session, they are still making progress on aligning regulations with the changing needs of assisted living residents. “States, usually on an […]

After Brookdale Tragedy, CPR Bill Reaches California Governor’s Desk

A bill that would forbid employers from having policies against lifesaving measures has reached the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown after passing both houses of the state’s Legislature. Sponsored by Sen. Norma Torres (D-Pamona), AB633 aims to protect employees who perform lifesaving procedures during emergencies. The bill is a response to the death of […]

New State Law Mandates Memory Care Training in All Nursing Homes

Memory care training in Massachusetts nursing homes is becoming more stringent for the communities that advertise specialized care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  Under new rules currently being reviewed by state regulators, those who advertise memory care in the state will be required to provide at least eight hours of initial training for care staff […]

OnShift Rolls Out New Software for Senior Housing and Obamacare Rules

Senior living software provider OnShift today unveiled a new release that aims to help providers manage their compliance with the Affordable Care Act. By tracking and managing employees based on part-time or full-time status, the software assists users in complying with policies under the new health care law.  Because employers may be mandated under the […]

Policy Pros Fear Federal Oversight Will Cramp Assisted Living’s Style

The assisted living industry is very content with its state-by-state regulatory system, but a string of recent and upcoming events have escalated concerns of increased federal scrutiny that could bring unwelcome regulatory changes. “Five years ago, I would have said we will never have oversight at a federal level,” said Maribeth Bersani, senior vice president […]

Bill Receives New Support to Drive More Funding for Senior Care

Updates introduced this week to the Older Americans Act would improve the funding potential for senior care services across the nation. Amendments to the existing legislation, reintroduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), would help support initiatives toward allowing older Americans to age in their homes and their communities.  The support of Sanders, who chairs the Senate […]