How Five Star is Taking Senior Living Wellness to the Next Level

As senior living aims to be taken more seriously across an evolving health care landscape, today’s providers recognize that it’s all about measuring outcomes. Five Star Senior Living (NYSE: FVE) is taking a new approach to that measurement not through the usual channels, but by re-envisioning its wellness program across hundreds of communities. The fourth […]

4 Reasons Senior Living And ACOs Don’t Get Along

Health care partnerships may be the wave of the future, but for senior living providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), something’s got to give. Over the past few years, the industry has seen the rise and fall of ACO models, championed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Senior living providers, however, have […]

How One Company Aims to Change Everything About Aging

As the senior care industry gains more traction among both veteran and fledgling tech companies, one startup is poised to take the aging services sector by storm. And it’s not producing wearables or health monitoring devices. It’s using 3-D bioprinting technology to create living tissues that can be used for testing new drugs and could […]

Senior Living Operators Tread Lightly on Tech’s Digital Divide

Senior living is rife with new technologies for residents and operators alike. But with an abundance of solutions and opportunities for providers to traverse the digital divide, it’s easy to get swallowed in the abyss. Whether it’s a wearable device, remote monitoring or some form of workflow management system, the senior living sector abounds with […]

Google Data Sheds New Light on Senior Living Search Trends

The adult children of seniors are often the main decision-makers when it comes to a move into senior living, but new data about how they search for senior housing can tell providers a lot about how to market to both these Baby Boomers and their parents. Unlike their parents who have been gradually adopting technology […]

Tech Makes Senior Living a Preferred Player in ACOs

Technology will not only be a differentiator for the senior living operators who adopt it, but it will also be the catalyst in forging partnerships within Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Such was the sentiment among a panel of senior living executives during last Thursday’s Senior Housing News Summit in Dallas. Operators are using technology to […]

Apple Targets Aging’s Chronic Diseases in New Tech Launch

No stranger to health-related apps and fitness tracking technology, Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) this week announced its newest endeavor in the health care arena. And it’s using the iPhone to gather health metrics and create diagnostics on many ailments of aging such as heart disease and diabetes. Health and wellness took center stage during a […]

Where Walmart Meets Health Care, Senior Living Must Find Its Place

Senior living leaders recognize the importance of forging strong ties with hospitals and health care systems, but it appears many operators have been complacent and might now lack the tools to seize on partnership opportunities that would give them a competitive edge in a brand new health care landscape. International design, planning and consulting firm […]

End-of-Life Care Forms Cause Confusion Among Providers

Senior living providers often rely on forms that communicate residents’ end-of-life choices, but once a resident leaves the community for medical care, those forms don’t appear to be doing their job.  In fact, there is “significant confusion” among emergency physicians and prehospital care providers in interpreting the universal end-of-life care documents, called Physicians Orders for Life […]