Senior Living Providers Jump Into Action As Hurricane Matthew Strikes

Hurricane Matthew hit parts of Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina over the Columbus Day weekend, and senior housing providers in the storm’s path executed on plans to keep residents out of harm’s way. Hurricane Matthew hit in Haiti last week, where it killed an estimated 800 people before heading toward Florida. The storm spared Central Florida a direct […]

Editor’s Picks: Brookdale’s Big Wellness Rollout

It’s starting to feel like summer at our Chicago headquarters, and we were eager to bring our readers the latest buzz from the industry this week.  Everyone was interested in the latest news from the nation’s largest senior housing provider, including its upcoming plans for the year and a new wellness program for brain health. […]

Providers Spend Little, Save Big with Energy Upgrades

During and after the financial crisis, the senior housing industry set itself apart for being “recession resilient.” For some senior living companies, however, the financial crisis turned into a wake-up call. Leaders in these organizations found they needed to conserve more money, and fast—without making sacrifices that would negatively impact residents. And as some companies […]

NY Times: Graying America Paves Way For Greener Senior Living

As baby boomers age and seek healthier, greener senior living alternatives, the number of “eco-conscious” retirement communities — while still rare in the U.S. — is expected to grow in number, according to a recent New York Times article.  “Moving forward, in the next 20 years, these green communities will become the standard,” said Andrew […]

Green House Model Gains Traction as Providers See Payoff

With increasing regulatory pressures and focus on quality care metrics, more than 100 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have turned to a new model of care to help them adapt their operations. Now with several years of history under way, providers are starting to say with confidence that the “Green House” model also nets savings in […]

Senior Living Operators Target Green Projects to Boost ROI

Senior living providers know “green” is good. But historically, going green has lacked measurable returns. Now, some providers are seeing their return on investment in just a handful of years, and one nonprofit has enough confidence to include environmentally-friendly features in new projects. For one provider, a track record based on retrofitting among other communities […]

Startup Targets Growing “Small House” Market for Senior Living

Photo credit: New Avenue Homes From “granny pods” to moveable elder cottages, many solutions are coming to market to meet the growing need for an alternative to traditional long term care. Enter New Avenue Homes, a California-based company that helps homeowners capitalize on the concept of “small house” design. The company connects homeowners with architects and […]

Portland Senior Community Thrives on “Medicine” of Keeping Busy

Kayak parking, golf gear storage and a woodworking bench—these may seem like far-fetched amenities for a senior living community, but they have become a reality for Portland, Oregon-based Mirabella Portland and residents are noticing. The urban community, which houses 220 apartments, is on the cutting edge of a more engaging type of retirement living, the […]

Build Green to Save Green: The Lure of LEED in Senior Housing

A trend has sprouted among companies nationwide as more businesses seek eco-friendly development plans during early construction stages, and it’s spreading to senior living. For many developers, the decision to “go green” is based on the benefits of long-term financial savings and future returns on investments (ROI), according to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  […]