Senior Housing: If you build it, will they come?

Did you see the movie “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Kostner? If not you can either read the IMBD entry or understand that a crazy farmer in Iowa with a voice in his head builds a baseball field and baseball players magically begin to show up to practice and play ball on the field. Every […]

Senior Housing Daily Stock Index

We’re proud to announce our Senior Housing Index of publicly traded stocks. We’ve selected 10 publicly traded entities to follow that have major components of their businesses associated with Senior Housing, Senior Retirement Communities, Senior Living Projects (Assisted & Skilled Care) and the Aging process. We welcome input from our readers as to our selection […]

Senior Housing Unit Prices Rise in 2007

Between rising commodity prices, the increasing cost of capital, the re-pricing of risk and a credit market that is thoroughly in disrepair, a survey showing the average prices for different types of senior housing rising should not be a surprise.  According to results from an analysis by Irving Levin Associates, the average price paid per […]

Credit Losses Crushing Senior Low-Income Housing Developers

Last Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article that discussed the large institutional lenders and government sponsored entities (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) lack of participation in the federal government’s affordable housing tax credit program. As these companies have losses associated with write downs and credit related issues, their need for the tax credits […]

Are Reverse Mortgages A Senior Housing Solution?

Should someone get a Reverse Mortgage in order to stay in there house as an alternative to selling the home, moving to assisted living, or dedicated skilled care? The easy answer is “maybe” and depends on the circumstances associated with their individual financial situation. The reverse mortgage allows the senior to stay in the home […]

Charleston, South Carolina Seniors Get Another Development

After the initial success of the Horizon Village complex, the North Charleston Housing authority wants to move forward and complete another building and several townhouses for Charleston seniors that will cost approximately $7.2 million dollars. The development will be built on the 68 acre re-developed site that once was the area’s largest public housing project. […]

Sunrise Sells Dallas Land To Another Senior Housing Developer

Sunrise Senior Living recently sold a 1.6 acre tract of land in the Oak Lawn Neighborhood of Dallas, Texas to Belmont Village Senior Living. Belmont Senior Living, based in Houston, Texas and a subsidiary of GE Capital, purchased the property in January and is in the design phase of the project and expects to break […]

California Senior Housing Project Nears Completion

Affordable housing in California continues to be a hot topic, especially when it comes to senior housing for low income seniors.  A 75 unit apartment complex called the Sahara Senior Villas is nearing completion in Hemet, California.  This project will be the area’s first affordable, low-income housing for seniors in the area with rents ranging […]