Dished: Top-Tier Dining Built From the Ground Up

Dining in senior living as of late has been revolutionized by celebrity chefs and $10,000 gelato machines. So when senior living providers take more of a grassroots approach to developing a dining program—from staffing to acclaimed chocolate cake recipes—and still deliver a premium experience for its residents, it becomes clear that a celebrity chef isn’t […]

Sunrise Joins Corporate Big-Hitters in National Nutrition Program

Question: What does Sunrise Senior Living have in common with General Electric, The Walt Disney Company and Frito Lay? Answer: All are official partners in a national push for healthy diets, spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama. Virginia-based Sunrise, which operates about 300 senior living communities in North America and the U.K., is a new […]

Senior Living Providers Stretch to Meet High Dining Expectations

Senior living residents increasingly expect a lot from dining programs, including more ambitious menus and a social component to meals. A program launching at hundreds of communities this month provides an example of how some operators are stretching to meet these expectations by trying to create an immersive experience that goes beyond the food on […]

Dished: How Dining Can Be Senior Living’s Biggest Asset

From celebrity chefs and restaurant-caliber meals to upscale venues and unique programming, the senior living dining experience is anything but average. And while providers are increasingly using their dining programs as a marketing tool to entice prospective residents, they’re also using them as a way to attract top talent and rethink the staff training process. […]

Senior Living Dining Survey: Please Take Our Poll

No one disputes the importance of dining in senior living. Many operators are making strides in improving their dining programs, including the addition of new options and more variety for new and existing residents. In its coverage of senior living dining news and trends, Senior Housing News would like to know just how important dining […]

Dished: Generational Divide Plays Out in Senior Living Dining

Staffing. It’s a major consideration for most operators, comprising a bulk of resources that go not only to hiring, but to training and retention of qualified senior living employees. Dining is no exception. Many providers have recently implemented programs to target and recruit the best and brightest chefs, dining management personnel and staff. And they’re […]

Kisco Shifts Dining to Align With Wellness Approach

Like many senior living organizations that are rethinking dining operations, Kisco Senior Living is adapting its dining model toward a restaurant-style approach. But that’s not all it’s doing. With the help of its new culinary services leader, Matt Perez, who brings a wealth of experience in restaurants from Hawaii to California and beyond, the company […]