How Senior Living Dining Operations Have Responded to Severe Labor Crunch

By Patrick Filbin More than 18 months since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, senior living providers face extraordinary staffing shortages and employee retention challenges, including in their dining operations.  A recent survey of 110 senior housing facilities by Senior Housing News, conducted with Sodexo, attempted to gauge how companies are experiencing the staffing crunch, […]

How HRA, LivGenerations, Cura Are Leveraging Dining to Rebuild Senior Living Occupancy

With the entire senior living industry effectively in lease-up mode, operators are wielding some creative new sales strategies to attract new residents. But many are also sitting on a powerful and sometimes underutilized tool: their own dining programs. By investing in their dining programs and wowing residents and their families during the sales process, senior […]

Thrive Creates Coffee Truck to Connect with Referral Sources for Innovative New Community

As they seek to build back occupancy lost during the pandemic, senior living providers across the United States will have to work closely with all their potential referral sources. And with Covid-19 still limiting in-person interactions, Thrive Senior Living took a risk on a creative way to connect: a coffee truck. “Our teams locally have […]

How Grace Management Took Dining from ‘Just a Line Item’ to a Competitive Differentiator

Overhauling dining programs in senior housing is an intensive process. The circumstances are especially unique for owners and operators building scale through acquisition. Operators taking over operations must contend with space constraints, acclimate existing staff to new procedures and policies, and balance providing the best care possible for seniors with shareholders seeking returns on investment. […]

Costly, Complicated Dining Overhaul Keeps Paying Off for The Clare

Revamping dining programs in senior living can require significant upfront costs, in an industry where mission versus margin is a constant balancing act. But providers that pay attention to the details in adding dining venues and services can realize a successful return on investment, improve operations and give sales and marketing teams something new to […]

How Kendal, Mary’s Woods Are Elevating Dining with Local Partners

Forming partnerships with local food and beverage brands — be it a coffee shop, restaurant group or a farm — can bring immediate credibility to a senior living dining program, generate excitement among prospective residents and their families, and be an effective tool for sales and marketing teams. Moreover, providers are betting that these partnerships […]

Beyond ‘Knock-and-Drop’: Senior Living Culinary Teams Step Up To Pandemic Challenges

With almost six months of pandemic experience behind them, senior living providers have mastered some new ways of delivering on ambitious culinary programs, and are continuing to innovate as communities gradually reopen. Where providers have reopened dining venues, they are now more meticulous than perhaps ever before about managing the flow of human traffic to […]

Kisco Curbs Covid-19 Expenses With $100K Investment in Dining Supplies

From personal protective equipment and new technology to labor costs, senior living providers throughout the industry are contending with growing expenses responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Even seemingly straightforward operational adjustments can some with outsized and in some cases unexpected new costs. A look at how Kisco Senior Living altered its dining service provides one […]

Top Senior Housing Dining Trends During Covid-19, and Beyond

Senior living residents are going to want to socialize when they emerge from isolation — and providers will likely need to adjust their dining programs in order to cater to their newly busy lifestyles. From more grab-and-go meal kits and staggered mealtimes to mobile ice cream carts and online grocery shopping platforms, residents in social […]