Sunrise Senior Living Keeps Its NYSE Listing

Sunrise Senior Living finally filed its 2006 annual report that restated earning from $80 million dollars to approximately $20 million. With the filing, Sunrise avoided having its common stock listing suspended by the New York Stock Exchange. The restatement of earnings dates back to 1996 corrects aggressive accounting practices with respect to its reimbursable contract […]

Senior Housing: If you build it, will they come?

Did you see the movie “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Kostner? If not you can either read the IMBD entry or understand that a crazy farmer in Iowa with a voice in his head builds a baseball field and baseball players magically begin to show up to practice and play ball on the field. Every […]

Senior Housing Daily Stock Index

We’re proud to announce our Senior Housing Index of publicly traded stocks. We’ve selected 10 publicly traded entities to follow that have major components of their businesses associated with Senior Housing, Senior Retirement Communities, Senior Living Projects (Assisted & Skilled Care) and the Aging process. We welcome input from our readers as to our selection […]

Senior Housing Unit Prices Rise in 2007

Between rising commodity prices, the increasing cost of capital, the re-pricing of risk and a credit market that is thoroughly in disrepair, a survey showing the average prices for different types of senior housing rising should not be a surprise.  According to results from an analysis by Irving Levin Associates, the average price paid per […]

Credit Losses Crushing Senior Low-Income Housing Developers

Last Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article that discussed the large institutional lenders and government sponsored entities (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) lack of participation in the federal government’s affordable housing tax credit program. As these companies have losses associated with write downs and credit related issues, their need for the tax credits […]

Senior Communities Assist Seniors in Selling Their Homes

As seniors start looking to move into different types of senior housing, the disposition of their current residence can be difficult to manage and obtain the highest possible price. As the housing market decline continues, some senior communities are enlisting consultants to work with seniors that are looking to buy in these communities. A fallout […]

Housing Market Decline Affecting Senior Housing?

The decline in U.S. home prices continued to accelerate in the 4th quarter according to the S&P/Case-Shiller national home price index. The drop was the largest in the index’s 20 year history. The lower home values threaten the economy by making consumer feel less wealthy and less willing to spend money on discretionary items. This […]

Sun City Peachtree Senior Housing Blooming

Sun City Peachtree, the Pulte Homes/Del Webb active adult community located in Atlanta, Georgia, is continuing to find success despite the down turn in the housing market. The project continues to receive a large amount of inquiries from interest parties looking to buy lots and build homes in the 1,700 acre active-adult community. Plans for […]

Southern California Town Awards Senior Center Contract to Developer

The Fontana City Council (Fontana, CA) recently awarded the re-development of its senior center with a $14.5 million contract to Lake Elsinore-based Tovey/Shultz Construction Inc. to build a senior center on the northeast corner of Juniper and Ceres avenues in the downtown area.  The two story, 43,000 square foot facility is expected to be completed […]