For CLASS Act to Survive, Look to FHA for Inspiration

New construction is a risky proposition these days. Initial design and the costs of construction are some of the most critical factors when developing a new home even though the long-term use of the house is unquestioned. Is it right to rip up the foundation of a new home because of questions about how to […]

Taking Advantage of Medicare Advantage

It’s hard to believe, but Medicare’s open enrollment season began last week. And this year, as a result of the federal health reform law, seniors will have to brace for several changes. Seniors who rely on privately administered Medicare Advantage plans for their benefits will face the biggest adjustments. That’s too bad, as Medicare Advantage […]

Is Senior Housing the Next “Big Short”?

Summertime is shorts weather, but we’re not talking about the “Bermuda” type. In the spirit of summer reading, I just finished “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis, author of the books “Liar’s Poker” and “The Blind Side.” For those who have not read “The Big Short”, it examines different business people taking short positions against the subprime […]

Death Derivatives – Time to Go Short on Longevity Risk?

What’s the over / under on longevity?  A new financial derivative, also known as the death derivative, is garnering interest at many levels for its benefits for pension funds but also raising concerns about regulation and capital requirements.  Pension funds are seeking to quantify and hedge their risk if their members live longer than anticipated. […]

Op-Ed: ObamaCare’s Many Victims

A federal court in Washington, DC just handed down the fifth ruling in the ongoing battle over the constitutionality of ObamaCare. Tipping the previous 2-2 decisions in favor of the president’s plan, Kessler’s ruling is being viewed by many Obama supporters as a decisive victory. Her reasoning is worth a closer look, because it nicely […]