Senior Housing: Build it and They Will Come?

Build it and they will come. At least that’s the philosophy of Maureen Hewitt, president and CEO of InnovAge, a nonprofit that offers affordable senior care solutions.  “While building apartments designed for seniors is a step in the right direction, we’re learning they can’t be built fast enough to meet the demand,” she writes in […]

Is the Senior Housing Market Too Frothy, Too Soon?

At the SHN Summit last month, capital markets panelists were asked if we are now at the top of the senior housing market and whether the market today appears “frothy.” Google the definition and this is what appears: froth (frôTH/)noun a mass of small bubbles in liquid caused by agitation, fermentation, etc.; foam. “leave the […]

Technology’s Role in the Top Senior Housing Trends

Reading the recent Top 10 Trends in Senior Housing for 2014, I was hit with the realization that the rapid evolution of remote monitoring has positioned the technology to neatly address the majority of Senior Housing News’ predictions for the coming year. The reason is simple: remote monitoring enables seniors to safely live as independently […]

Senior Housing Logistics: A Mobile Strategy

For those in the senior housing business and those considering entering it, one of the most important and growing aspects of the business today is mobility. This opportunity has nothing to do with iPhone or Android Apps. It is the simple business and logistics of transporting seniors to events and places that they need to […]

Letter to the Editor: LeadingAge Responds to CCRC Coverage

Dear Mr. Yedinak, On behalf of LeadingAge and the many nonprofit CCRC’s we represent, I appreciate Senior Housing News’ coverage of the issues that are important to our members. However, I found that the article entitled “Will CCRC’s see billions more lost in bankruptcies?” presented a narrow view on the future health and viability of […]

Coming Soon to the USA: Extreme Makeover, Long-Term Care Edition

As the demand for assistance with daily activities and long-term care for millions of Americans grows everyday, the question of who should provide long-term care solutions stands at a crossroad. What happens when a home improvement project goes haywire? A professional from the private sector—not the government—is called in to fix your leaky faucet. However, […]

Budget Cuts to Low-Income Senior Housing “Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish”

Lawmakers may have temporarily averted the “fiscal cliff” and cuts to Medicare funding from occurring with a last-minute agreement reached early in January, but affordable senior housing programs receiving federal funding aren’t out of the woods yet. Budget cuts are still a very real possibility for many government programs, including Project-Based Section 8 housing, which generally […]

Top 10 Trends in Senior Housing for 2013

While many fears may have subsided with the passage of the Fiscal Cliff legislation regarding individual taxes and other issues, fear, uncertainty and doubt remain over what it means to grow old in America—and how to pay for it. Personal fiscal certainty has gained footing, but the future for America’s seniors remains less certain. “I […]