Changemakers Series

Introducing the 2020 Changemakers Class

The world is a very different place compared to when we introduced our first class of Changemakers in 2019. Today, the need for transformative leadership in senior living remains more critical than ever in a rapidly changing health care and housing landscape. With this as the backdrop, we’re pleased to introduce our 2020 class of […]

Changemakers: Mary Leary, President and CEO of Mather

Having been at the helm of Mather for nearly 18 years, Mary Leary is no stranger to change. She formerly held an executive role with Classic Residence by Hyatt and today brings her experience both in for-profit and not-for-profit senior living to some new innovations the not-for-profit Mather is driving forward. Among her recent claims […]

Changemakers: Dwayne Clark, Founder and CEO of Aegis Living

Don’t ask Dwayne Clark for his top 10 U.S. senior living operators doing exciting work. No such list exists. “If you gave me $500 million and said, ‘Dwayne, I need you to go find 10 operators in the United States — build communities and have 10 operators in various geographic locations, operators that you feel […]