Senior Housing Funding Study Shows Major Funding Challenges

The National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC) released a comprehensive study of long-term care financing in the United States last month. The study addresses the combination of public- and private-sector funding that will be needed to pay for the nation’s growing care needs, especially when Baby Boomers reach their 70s […]

Growing Epidemic of High Pressure Sales of Senior Products

The stock market is lower and the prices of everyone’s homes are declining to various degrees. These events and the economic aftermath of September 11, 2001 loom large in the minds of senior’s in today turbulent economy as they are strapped for cash to pay for increases in their daily living. But many companies and […]

Does Size Really Matter For Senior Living Choices?

When it comes to senior housing, does size matter? Yes, of course it does. Except in this case, smaller is usually construed as better giving seniors more mobility, lowering their costs to maintain their properties and increased social activities are the driving forces for the seniors downsizing their primary and secondary housing choices. The trend […]

More State Oversight for Assisted Living Centers?

California’s elected officials are getting involved in supporting greater oversight of assisted living facilities in the state of California while the “Governator” is looking to cut back to fix the state’s budget deficit . The state estimates that about 150,000 people live in the state’s 7,000 long-term residences for elderly or disabled. These facilities offer […]

Can You Really Calculate The Cost Of Long Term Care?

One of the blogs that we follow, Long Term Care Daily, recently posted some links to some long term care calculators that estimated some of the costs for long term care including the average cost based on state (and there are some cities to choose from) and type of care (Nursing home, Assisted Living and […]

Seniors Delay Retirement & Move to Retirement Homes As Nest Eggs Crack

The front page headline of today’s Wall Street Journal proclaims “American’s Delay Retirement As Housing, Stock Swoon“. Senior’s largest net asset as a percentage of net wealth has traditionally and statistically been dominated by home equity. The article profiles one couple’s struggle to sell their $250,000 home after many months and this is after a […]

MedPAC Proposes Negative Change for Efficient Senior Care Providers

The Medicare Payment Advisory Committee is proposing changes to Medicare reimbursement to skilled nursing facilities that could lower payments to those facilities performing high-volume of therapy related services. The report recommends lower payments made by medicare based upon the efficiencies of scale that the Council has stated that any high volume provide should have achieved […]

Should You Prepare To Wait In Line For Senior Housing?

Remember the days of getting wait listed to attend the university that you were dying to get into? Flash forward 60 years into your future and you’ll come to realize that you’re back on the waiting list…except this time it’s for Senior Housing. With waiting times growing longer for affordable, independent living and assisted living […]

Tax Abatements for Senior Housing A Necessary Incentive?

With the credit crunch hurting developers and tax credit financing deals falling apart all over Wall Street, could the use of tax abatements help provide necessary incentives to developers and tenants of the new or rehabilitated senior housing projects? Could abatements from city, school, and county taxes provide developers enough cushion to make their marginal […]