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How Household Model of Design Could Meet Senior Living’s New Care Paradigm

The debate over whether senior housing is a hospitality or health care model has raged for years. In higher care segments, however, a growing number of providers are embracing a model that puts hospitality at the forefront while blending the clinical component to the background. This prioritizes the needs, comfort and attitude of residents, without […]

New Senior Living Brand Elevate Blends Neighborhood, Middle-Market Concepts

A new senior living brand is marrying small-neighborhood concepts with more compact designs to make assisted living and memory care more affordable for residents. American Healthcare Management Group is forging ahead with the new assisted living and memory care brand called Elevate. At its core, the concept is meant to be significantly smaller in size […]

Pandemic Accelerates Wellness-Related Senior Living Design Trends

Covid-19 is accelerating several trends in senior living architecture and design, which could make development projects more costly going forward — but, future residents very well might pay a premium to live in these next-generation, wellness-focused communities. That’s according to Manny Gonzalez, managing principal for the 55-plus practice group at architecture firm KTGY. In this […]

Independent Living Provider PARC Creates Family Meetup Spaces Out of Pre-Fab ‘Pods’

U.S. senior living providers have struck on a variety of creative solutions to enable in-person visits during the Covid-19 pandemic, but they may want to look north of the border to gain inspiration from what one Canadian independent living company has created. Vancouver-based PARC Retirement Living, which operates five communities in and around Vancouver and […]

‘Smaller is Better’: Covid-19 Primes Senior Living for Rise of Small-House Models

Small-house senior living may be well-suited to handle the disruptions of the Covid-19 era. This may help boost the model’s popularity going forward — but the industry will first need to overcome obstacles regarding the way these communities are developed, financed and licensed. Just ask Jim Stroud, co-founder and former chairman of Capital Senior Living […]

3 Top Senior Living Redevelopment Opportunities After Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is sparking concerns of a real estate collapse that could surpass the one associated with the 2008 recession. But senior housing could prove resilient, and new opportunities for development could arise as other property types become increasingly beleaguered. No asset class has been left unscathed by Covid-19, but product types that rely […]