Recruiting 2024: How Operators are Saving Money While Filling Positions

When one West Coast senior living company was struggling to fill an executive director (ED) position at a key location in their 17-property portfolio they understandably, but unsuccessfully, tossed money at their recruitment challenges. They added a new $30,000 signing bonus into the job post on sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor and ended up investing $2,000 to $2,400 a month on job listing ads.

Despite those efforts, they weren’t able to recruit any qualified candidates.

For operators hunting for a successful early 2024 on the recruitment front, the answer is the same as the one the West Coast operator learned: technology rules the day. In today’s senior living recruitment landscape, strategy, not dollars, is the path to success.


Those were the lessons learned by the aforementioned operator due to its ongoing work with Conversion Logix, a digital marketing agency that transforms anonymous prospects into pre-qualified leads. Conversion Logix had served as the operator’s primary digital marketing agency for years; in a regularly scheduled meeting with the operator’s sales and marketing leadership, the Conversion Logix account manager learned they were struggling to hire an executive director.

To recruit qualified candidates, Conversion Logix proposed a marketing strategy at half the monthly cost of their current ad campaigns. The results were massive. The operator:

  • Interviewed four highly qualified candidates
  • Filled their executive director position
  • Added an assisted director under the new executive director
  • Hired an additional executive director for another location

The work came together to save them $1,000 a month in recruiting costs. Here’s how they did it.


How Conversion Logix helps recruiting, starting with social media

To assist the operator, the Conversion Logix account manager recommended a highly targeted digital advertising and lead-capture strategy to reach qualified candidates. The social media component was huge, with three major components:

  • Ads across Facebook and Instagram with imagery of the team and copy that highlighted the open positions at the communities
  • Targeting social media users with relevant job titles and interests to help the community expand its pool of potential candidates
  • Conversion tracking and campaign optimizations to give the platform the data it needed to target high-intent candidates who were the most likely to visit the career page and submit an application

“Rather than waiting for prospective candidates looking for a new job to discover this community on a listing site, we directly targeted executive directors and roles with similar experience,” says Jen Lovely, Executive Vice President of Sales for Conversion Logix. “This enabled us to expand the target audience to include both active and inactive job seekers. Advertising on multiple channels allowed us to increase the frequency with which candidates saw the job opportunity. We paired the advertising strategy with a lead generation strategy to enable the community the ability to quickly follow up with potential candidates.”

Adding precision mobile targeting and a lead generation strategy

In addition to the social media ads, Conversion Logix launched banner ads with hyper-local targeting to promote the job opportunity and signing bonus. They targeted competitor senior living communities nearby to try to recruit qualified candidates in active positions.

They also used the Schedule Genie® and Spotlight® website applications in The Conversion Cloud® to convert candidates on the community’s website. They ran two calls to action: “Schedule an Interview,” which enabled candidates to book a time to interview, and “Job Opportunities,” which sent candidates an automated email with the link to the Careers Page.

Both calls to action prompted website visitors to give the community their full name, email, and phone number and fill out mandatory pre-qualification questions.

In other words, the operator shifted from pull marketing strategies (posting a listing on a job site) to push strategies like social advertising or location targeting. These proactive push strategies helped them expand their audience to get in front of qualified candidates who aren’t active in the job search market.

It all worked. Within 45 days of launching the recruiting campaign, the operator identified four highly qualified candidates and hired one for the ED role. Since the pool of candidates was so strong, they hired one of the other candidates as an assistant director for the same location and a second executive director for another location, filling three leadership roles with one campaign.

“Pair your advertising strategy with lead capture strategies on your website to give your HR team the ability to quickly pre-qualify and follow up with leads and your advertisers the data they need to optimize campaigns,” says Lovely.

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