Frontier Opens Second Headquarters in Dallas to Support Eastern Expansion

Frontier Management has opened a new secondary headquarters in Dallas to help support the company’s expanding presence in the U.S. Southeast and East.

The headquarters, which officially opened last week, is the company’s second in addition to its first in Portland, Oregon.

Kandice Alcorn, the company’s chief clinical officer and COO, is based out of the new headquarters. It also serves as a hub for the company’s vice presidents of operations, who travel; as well as Frontier’s financial planning and analysis team and a handful of other support staff.


While Frontier has had a support office in Dallas for about three years, the new headquarters represents a significant upgrade for the operator, and an eye toward growth east of the Mississippi, according to Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Kathy Swann.

“We recognized that our office in Dallas … needed to be larger, bigger and more accommodating for meetings and growth,” Swann said. “Now, we have more exposure and resources for our field teams in the South and Southeast, as well as our clients and partnerships.”

The operator is adding to its 131 communities in a variety of locations, with about a dozen development projects currently planned or coming together in states including Mississippi and Florida and farther north in New Jersey. Communities underway include a project breaking ground in San Diego and another in Garland; as well as other projects expected to open soon.


Frontier already has a large presence in Texas, with 41 communities in the Lone Star State. In fact, the company’s footprint there now eclipses its holdings in its old stomping grounds of Oregon, according to Swann.

The new office also will help support some to-be-announced efforts in the future, according to Swann.

“It will support some new functionalities and initiatives that we will be rolling out or looking to implement in 2023,” Swann added. “It will change a little bit of the way senior living focuses on innovations in technology, and how we connect with our residents and our families for the future.”