Transform episode #45: Pacific Retirement Services CEO Eric Sholty

Pacific Retirement Services (PRS) was in talks with eight different universities last year when the pandemic hit, putting forward progress on ice.

But the Medford, Oregon-based organization’s new CEO, Eric Sholty, believes demand for these types of projects will come back when conditions in the senior living industry return to normal. In addition to its portfolio of 12 CCRCs, PRS is looking for smaller, single-site providers seeking to affiliate as a result of the pandemic’s pressures. And the organization also plans to grow its portfolio of 25 community housing properties that serve low-income adults.

In this episode of Transform, learn:

  • How PRS is building census at its new Mirabella at ASU community on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe
  • Why university-backed senior living projects could make a comeback after the pandemic
  • When Sholty believes a wider senior housing recovery will take hold
  • What the organization is focused on in terms of growth in 2021

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