SHN+ Report: The primary care opportunity in senior living

Health care costs for seniors are soaring, health levels are plateauing and experts across the care continuum are searching for fixes to both. The answer will be found by going back to the basics. And senior housing might hold the key.

The “basics” in question is primary care. Along with the actual medical care provided, a primary care visit creates the foundation for a senior’s good health by building a relationship between the patient and the primary care provider, thus preemptively preventing health events that can send a senior out of their home and into a hospital.

With the continued growth in value-based care, largely through the implementation of Medicare Advantage plans, everyone involved in the care journey for seniors is getting preemptive. The result is a renewed focus on primary care, with senior housing as a powerful hub. As 2019 takes shape, the collective realization among senior housing providers, insurers, health systems, seniors and their families of the role senior living can play in delivering this care will dramatically shift the power structure in the care continuum.

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