Transform Podcast #33: Chris Hollister of Pegasus Senior Living

Mitigating the impact of Covid-19 is no easy feat, and the senior living industry has been forced to adjust and innovate a rapid pace in 2020.

But for Pegasus Senior Living co-founder Chris Hollister, there’s no substitute for executing on the basics. Hollister believes that common sense and consistency can go a long way in keeping residents healthy and safe amid the pandemic. And, it helps to maintain the crucial flow of move-ins.

He also is drawing from his own family’s experience to think about the value proposition that senior living holds for consumers, and the best ways to reach and serve future residents.

In this episode of Transform, learn about:

— How having an experienced clinical head helped Pegasus navigate through the early days of the pandemic
— Covid-19’s effect on senior living turnarounds, and what Pegasus sees ahead
— How the pandemic is changing consumer preferences, and the promise of new housing and care models

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