Transform Podcast #28: Lori Alford of Avanti Senior Living

Avanti COO Lori Alford strove to be an unflappable leader when Covid-19 first struck. But her approach changed as the pandemic taught her valuable leadership lessons.

By embracing transparency and authenticity Alford was able to bolster the culture during a tough time for the provider, based in The Woodlands, Texas. Avanti is now seeing its lowest levels of overtime and call-offs in the company’s history.

In this episode of Transform, learn about:

— How Covid-19 tested Avanti’s operational model and culture
— Alford’s efforts to keep morale high during the Covid-19 pandemic with authenticity and transparency
— Why Alford believes the senior living industry must use its collective voice to receive more recognition
— Avanti’s efforts to keep Covid-19 out of its communities, and why that can be a frustrating effort at times

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