Transform Podcast #27: Luis Serrano of Sunshine Retirement Living

Senior living providers across the country have seen their expenses rise and their occupancy rates drop as the Covid-19 pandemic drags on.

Sunshine Retirement Living, a Bend, Oregon-based provider with 32 communities spread throughout 16 states, is no exception. Though Sunshine has taken a hit to its bottom line amid the pandemic, it has not experienced a major outbreak in its communities. Still, the lockdown is not sustainable in the long-term, and the industry must find a way to return to some semblance of normalcy, according to Sunshine Retirement Living’s president and CEO, Luis Serrano.

In this episode of Transform, learn about:

— Sunshine Retirement Living’s origins in working with Holiday Retirement
— Why Sunshine focuses on the middle-market, and how Serrano thinks the pandemic could affect demand for that sector
— Sunshine’s approach to testing residents and staff for Covid-19
— Why countries like South Korea and Sweden might offer a blueprint¬†for reopening the industry

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