Introducing the 2020 Changemakers Class

The world is a very different place compared to when we introduced our first class of Changemakers in 2019. Today, the need for transformative leadership in senior living remains more critical than ever in a rapidly changing health care and housing landscape.

With this as the backdrop, we’re pleased to introduce our 2020 class of Changemakers.

Starting this month, we will announce who the Changemakers are and share in-depth interviews with each of them, in an exclusive series sponsored by Yardi.


Today, we’re excited to introduce the first three Changemakers: Mary Leary, Dwayne Clark and Michael Schonbrun. We will announce additional Changemakers every month through August.

While these Changemakers lead different types of organizations and have had unique careers, each of them exemplifies the vision and skills needed to forge a successful future for senior living, and we’re thrilled to share their stories and ideas at this critical time for the industry.


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