Transform Podcast #25: Larry Gumina of Ohio Living

The senior living industry needs more resources in its fight against Covid-19 — and is having to fight hard for that help.

Ohio Living CEO Larry Gumina learned that lesson firsthand as he struggled to procure personal protective equipment (PPE) for his organization earlier this month. While Ohio Living did eventually procure much-needed PPE, Gumina was “infuriated” by the situation, and how easy it was for a large senior living provider to slip through the cracks.

In this episode of Transform, learn about:

– Ohio Living’s search for much-needed PPE, and how Gumina channeled anger into action
– A new effort from Ohio Living and National Church Residences to test thousands of older adults for Covid-19
– An update on the Perennial Consortium Medicare Advantage initiative
– What keeps Gumina up at night as the pandemic drags on

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