Transform Podcast #17: Ken Jaeger of MorningStar

When he was just a child, Ken Jaeger made a vow that one day he would start a business that would make the world a better place.

That sense of mission not only spurred him to found MorningStar Senior Living, it has also proven to be good for business. In 2019, the company partnered with major real estate developer Hines on a pipeline of projects, and it was the shared values between MorningStar and Hines that cemented the relationship, Jaeger believes.

Today, Denver-based MorningStar operates nearly 30 communities and is working with Houston-based Hines to potentially add another 10-15 communities in Texas, the Rocky Mountain region, and as far west as California. In this episode of Transform, MorningStar founder and CEO Jaeger discusses:

– How the partnership with Hines came about
– Why he advises building smaller than market studies propose
– How he’s collaborating with other senior living providers to share best practices and generate new ideas
– MorningStar’s charitable work and his call to other leaders to think bigger about how they can use their influence to do good

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