[Webinar] Engage Your Development Team – How and When

Date: November 20, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM CDT – 2:00 PM CST
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The number one success factor in a senior living development project is good planning. But with so many different approaches to project planning and implementation, it can be difficult to figure out how to start, let alone the path along the way.

In this webinar, we’ll walk the audience through a case study that involved a development team consisting of an owner’s representative, architect, construction manager, civil engineer, lawyer, and banker participating in a two-day design charrette. With the right team available at the right time in the due diligence process, the senior living organization reached the design phase faster than ever while reducing the cost, scope, and deadline creep that often occurs during planning.

As a participant in this webinar, you will learn:

— Which parties should be brought to the table for the planning of a development and when they should be engaged
— How to effectively coordinate a development team
— How to run a two-day charrette that produces a conceptual design, a site with no constraints, and financially feasible project
— How to reduce the amount of time it takes to finalize the project’s design and financial feasibility

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