[New Report] Why Senior Living Should Embrace Hospice

Hospice is entering a golden age, and nowhere has its rise been more pronounced than in senior living.

In less than ten years, hospice services have skyrocketed in AL, which today comprises 20% of all hospice patients. If trends continue, assisted living will soon pass nursing facilities and trail only a person’s home as the most common hospice setting.

Yet many operators remain holdouts despite hospice’s benefits to senior living, which include occupancy and revenue. Those who embrace it will be prepared to serve the rapidly increasing number of seniors who view hospice as essential to their quality of life.

This report shows how.

In this 33-page report, you will learn:
– The 6 major trends that show senior housing’s hospice opportunity
– The benefits that senior housing operators miss out on by not facilitating hospice in their buildings
– Why assisted living has become an ideal location for hospice
– The 3 approaches senior housing operators are using to bring hospice services to their residents
– The hospice revenue opportunity for AL operators
– And much more!