Transform Podcast #11: HumanGood President and CEO John Cochrane

Addressing the growing demand for middle-market senior housing is one of 2019’s top issues, but HumanGood CEO John Cochrane says that the industry first needs to realize there is no simple solution, as the middle market encompasses varying product types and price points.

Cochrane, who is in his 11th year as head of the Pleasanton, California-based provider, shared his insight during a recent interview for the Senior Housing News podcast Transform. Transform focuses on the people and ideas shaping the future of senior living.

In this episode, Cochrane shares his thoughts on:
– HumanGood’s recent affiliation with Presby’s Inspired Living and his plans to build a national portfolio
– How he sees the senior living consumer changing over the next decade
– How HumanGood approaches the build vs. buy equation
– How HumanGood is evaluating its portfolio to meet the demand for affordable senior housing while maximizing value

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