Transform Podcast #9: Maplewood’s Brian Geyser

New York City is undergoing a senior living renaissance, with high-profile projects coming together all across the area. One such project is Maplewood Senior Living’s $300 million Inspir community, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. When it opens, Inspir promises to bring with it a bevy of cutting-edge tech features designed for residents’ safety and quality of life.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Brian Geyser, chief clinical officer for the Inspir brand and Maplewood’s vice president of clinical innovation and population health. Learn more about:

-How Maplewood sees technology fitting into its senior living operations
-How residents of Inspir can use Amazon Alexa and other new technology
-Virtual reality tech and its uses in senior living
-What up-and-coming tech trends might change the face of senior living in the future

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