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Inside the Rise of Senior Living Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is on the precipice of a boom in senior housing, with operators employing VR to augment a range of actions as diverse as pharmacological treatments, reminiscence therapy and staff training. And the work being done is just the beginning.

The Senior Living Smart Home Revolution

As the smart tech revolution grows, senior living operators are evolving beyond merely using smart technology on a device-by-device basis and pivoting instead to full smart units and communities. These smart dwellings are helping senior housing operators deliver their value proposition by enhancing resident lifestyle, safety and health.

The Primary Care Opportunity In Senior Living

Health care costs for seniors are soaring, health levels are plateauing and experts across the care continuum are searching for fixes to both. The answer could be found by going back to the basics in medical care. And senior housing might hold the key.

The New Opportunity in Intergenerational Senior Living

The demand by seniors to not be called “seniors” is not one of vanity. It is one of realism. With a longer life expectancy than the previous generation, today’s seniors are demanding intergenerational lifestyles and living arrangements, and operators are getting creative with their execution.

Multi-Brand Strategies in Senior Housing

The impending wave of baby boomers further complicates a senior living landscape where penetration rates hover around just 10%. To fight back, operators are attracting new customers by taking a play from the hospitality industry: the multi-brand strategy.

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