[New Report] Inside the Rise of Senior Living Virtual Reality

After whispers, trials, pilots and promise, virtual reality now seems on the precipice of a boom in senior housing.

A bevy of VR companies have arrived to give operators new solutions to age-old challenges, including resident isolation, dementia support and pain management.

Partnerships with major VR content creators, along with VR vendor studios, are leading to a cornucopia of content that can be customized for resident needs.

And the work being done is just the beginning.

In this 22-page report, you will learn:

  • Exclusive pricing and spending data
  • Why some operators are investing tens of thousands of dollars on VR
  • The data and use cases driving these investments
  • The three main uses of VR in senior housing
  • How VR helps residents increase socialization and manage pain
  • VR’s benefits for enhancing staff empathy
  • And much more!