How Medicare Advantage and Primary Care Will Reshape Senior Living

As new health challenges from America’s seniors send Medicare costs soaring, Medicare Advantage popularity is booming. Plan enrollees tripled between 2004 and 2017, from 5.3 million to 19 million, with the Congressional Budget Office projecting a whopping 41 million enrollees by 2026.

Now, the Senior Housing News research team has two reports that can help operators capture the new senior living opportunities for Medicare Advantage and primary care. They are:

The Medicare Advantage Opportunity for Senior Housing

  • Provides success stories among senior living providers partnering with Medicare Advantage plans
  • Dives deep into regulatory changes that aim to allow MA to cover home-based care delivery, including in senior housing
  • Reveals ways senior living can take advantage of the changing payer environment

The Primary Care Opportunity In Senior Living

  • Shows senior living operators how to take a power position in the care continuum by bringing primary care onsite
  • Demonstrates through data the improved health outcomes for seniors when time with primary care physicians increases
  • Introduces the innovative senior living operators who are creating new revenue streams by owning Medicare Advantage plans

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