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The Senior Living Smart Home Revolution

As the smart tech revolution grows, senior living operators are evolving beyond merely using smart technology on a device-by-device basis and pivoting instead to full smart units and communities. These smart dwellings are helping senior housing operators deliver their value proposition by enhancing resident lifestyle, safety and health.


The New Opportunity in Intergenerational Senior Living

The demand by seniors to not be called “seniors” is not one of vanity. It is one of realism. With life expectancy rising and health levels improving, seniors are demanding intergenerational lifestyles and living arrangements, and operators are getting creative with their responses.

The Race for Evidence-based Memory Care Dining


Senior living consumers and their adult children are more savvy and data-driven than ever before. In this landscape, operators can no longer rely on yesterday’s methods to meet the dining and diet demands of memory care residents.

The Wellness Revolution Shaping Senior Living

With big spending on nutrition, fitness, health care and other areas, wellness is a $3.7 trillion industry. What senior housing residents want in wellness is personal fulfillment that addresses their physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Strategies for Mixed-Use Development in Senior Living

Today’s senior population wants to stay involved in activities and be part of a broader community. At the same time, providers are finding economic advantages to developing communities with mixed-use elements. There have never been more ways for senior living providers to capitalize on the benefits of mixed-use development.