Trending Report: The Senior Living Smart Home Revolution

Welcome to the revolution — smart senior living has arrived.

In this report, we reveal how innovative senior living providers are pivoting toward smart homes to deliver their value propositions. Senior living residents have the same questions they’ve always had — they want to know how operators will keep them safe, happy and independent.

With smart homes in senior living, the answers to these questions have never been more exciting.

In this 28-page report, you will learn:

  • How smart home technology is becoming the foundation of senior living environments
  • The smart home layout of Masonic Villages’ IQ Homes, complete with their blueprints
  • A big-picture examination of the moves that Amazon, Best Buy, Google and other tech giants are making to capture the senior dollar
  • Lessons from Lennar Corporation, the biggest homebuilder in the U.S. and the first company to receive Wi-Fi Certification for a full environment, not just one device
  • The uses and capabilities of everyday residential items made “smart,” including beds, lights, thermostats, locks and refrigerators
  • And much more!