[Whitepaper] 3 Trends Defining the Future of Post-Acute Strategy in Senior Living

As senior care becomes more coordinated, senior living providers have a major opportunity to thrive in the post-acute world by collaborating with the community and the care continuum. Payment structures are shifting toward rewarding providers that care for patients in the lowest-cost setting, and those providers are finding that the post-acute environment is not defined solely on the quality of care but also on the quality of their partnerships.

Given these factors, senior living communities are positioned to thrive by leveraging partnerships and referral relationships. Download this white paper and see:

  • The ways in which the changing payment landscape is positioning senior living communities for success
  • The types of partnerships that senior living communities can form to become a preferred setting for referrals
  • How providers are managing care transitions to succeed in the post-acute care landscape
  • Other ways to align post-acute care and senior living

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