The Evolving Role of the Senior Living Maintenance Professional

The role of today’s senior living professional is very much evolving.

Now, every day, these workers are both proactive and analytical. They’re customer service-oriented, and with the help of new technologies, they’re taking on more responsibilities around senior living communities than ever before.

Still, maintenance professionals are facing outdated perceptions about their jobs and abilities — sometimes, from their own coworkers. There are strategies to overcome these misperceptions, like increasing their visibility within the organization, reinforcing their professional status through new dress codes and hiring candidates who can look beyond the traditional, trade-based roles.


In this complimentary report, you’ll learn:

  • How the role of senior living maintenance teams has evolved
  • How to train maintenance professionals to deliver great customer service
  • How to combat negative perceptions of maintenance roles
  • How to hire the best maintenance professionals for this evolving job description

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