K4Connect Pairs Up with Garmin in New Collaboration

K4Connect is adding another tool to its arsenal of technology solutions aimed at providing older adults, their families and their care providers with a way to regularly monitor their health, fitness and overall well-being. 

The Raleigh, North Carolina-based company has announced a partnership with Garmin International, Inc. to integrate Garmin’s wearable devices as part of K4Community, the company’s “connected-life” platform. To start, Garmin’s activity tracker, vivofit® 3, will be available as part of the collaboration.

K4Community is a system designed to integrate numerous “smart” household items—like light switches and thermostats—into one hub. Specifically, the K4Community system integrates dissimilar “smart” devices, technologies and components into a single-response system with the goal of providing users and community staff with resident data and analytics to help improve quality of care. 


Garmin’s activity trackers are designed to gauge an individual’s heart rate, sleep patterns, steps, activity levels and other health and fitness indicators. Garmin’s line of wearable products provide a long battery life, are water resistant and are capable of “seamless interface” with K4Community, K4Connect explains, ultimately allowing senior living community staff insight into a resident’s activity and wellness trends in real time.

“Connected wellness devices provide a huge opportunity for older adults to live a healthier life and incorporating the latest in advances in wearable technology from a renowned company like Garmin goes a long way toward helping us achieve our mission of serving older adults,” Scott Moody, co-founder, CEO and chief client advocate of K4Connect, said in a press release. “K4Community is designed with a senior-resident-centric perspective, eliminating any potential barriers of enjoying the benefits of a fitness tracker.”

K4Connect’s mission in creating a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of older adults is one that Garmin Health shares, explains Travis Johnson, lead product manager, Garmin Health.


“Results from the initial deployments and pilots have been very good, accentuated by the older adult’s overall high usage rate,” said Johnson.

Written by Carlo Calma

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