SHN March Madness Winner — Earl Parker, Commonwealth Senior Living COO

Last month, we invited all of our daily email subscribers to create their own March Madness brackets and to submit them in competition against other Senior Housing News readers.

Many brackets perished due to unexpected upsets resulting in office celebrations and gloating certainly endured nationwide — but it wouldn’t be March Madness without them. One SHN subscriber’s predictions for the 2017 NCAA tournament, though, led to ultimate glory.

The winner of the inaugural 2017 SHN March Madness Bracket is Earl Parker, Chief Operating Officer of Charlottesville, Virginia-based Commonwealth Senior Living. Congratulations, Earl!


Along with bragging rights, Earl earned a $500 donation from SHN to his charity of choice — Commonwealth Cares, Inc., a 501(c)(3) founded by Commonwealth Senior Living to provide support to Commonwealth associates in times of unplanned financial needs.

“Life can change in one minute, and one minute is all it takes to help change the life of a family in crisis. Commonwealth Cares, Inc. is dedicated to changing the lives of Commonwealth Senior Living associates who change the lives of seniors every day,” Commonwealth Cares, Inc. states on their website.

Commonwealth Cares, Inc. provides grants capped at $5,000 to Commonwealth Senior Living staff who meet low income or other requirements allowing them to qualify for the program, according to the Commonwealth Cares, Inc. website.

Congratulations to Earl, Commonwealth Senior Living and Commonwealth Cares, Inc. Be sure to join us next year for March Madness 2018.


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