A Place for Mom, SeniorHousingNet Strike Content-Sharing Agreement

All the senior housing listings on referral website A Place for Mom (APFM) soon will also appear on SeniorHousingNet.com, under the terms of a new agreement.

Seattle-based APFM has entered into a strategic relationship with Move, Inc., the parent company of SeniorHousingNet.com, the companies confirmed to Senior Housing News on Monday.

The new content-sharing agreement will add roughly 17,000 senior housing and care listings from A Place for Mom to SeniorHousingNet.com, beginning May 1.


Move, Inc. is the parent company of Realtor.com and other real estate websites such as Doorsteps, Moving.com, Relocation.com and SeniorHousingNet.com. APFM is the nation’s largest senior living referral service.

The new arrangement does not involve an acquisition or sale by either party, Realtor.com Director of Corporate Communications Christie Farrell told SHN.

Both Move, Inc. and APFM declined to share financial terms.


“We are pleased to be collaborating with A Place for Mom to enable even broader access to available homes within dedicated senior living facilities for the growing senior population,” Move, Inc. Senior Vice President of Business Development Hahn Lee told SHN.

Specifically, individuals who visit the SeniorHousingNet.com website will now also be able to see APFM listings and work with advisors at APFM. These advisors refer people to local senior living providers in the APFM network, which includes 20,000 communities nationally.

Under the terms of the agreement, Move, Inc. will continue to own and operate the SeniorHousingNet website, as well as continue to provide its content and website to individuals seeking information on senior housing, an APFM spokesperson told SHN.

SeniorHousingNet.com has maintained an advertising relationship with APFM for the past few years. Effective May 1, this relationship will transition into an “exclusive marketing program,” APFM stated.

It appears that senior living communities that have been paying for listings on SeniorHousingNet.com may no longer have to do so, if they also have an agreement with APFM, according to a letter obtained by Senior Housing News.

APFM added the OurParents brand to its portfolio in November 2016.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson

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