New Report: How the On-Demand Economy Can Reshape Senior Living

The on-demand economy has taken the world by storm—and it’s time for senior living to get on board.

We’ve published a new report, How the On-Demand Economy Can Reshape Senior Living to help providers consider the ways they can implement online food-ordering, ride-sharing, health care service platforms and more.

In a matter of minutes, consumers can place a grocery order, hail a ride and place immediate home maintenance requests. They can select takeout meals, arrange a haircut and schedule personal training sessions with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger, all to be enjoyed without ever leaving a senior living community.


This report takes a deep dive into on-demand services in senior living and how online platforms can enhance the resident experience and generate business.

This 28-page report is available for $99 and includes:

– The most popular on-demand services and how they work
– Ways residents can benefit from the “Uber” economy
– Key takeaways to develop a successful on-demand plan
– And much, much more!


The more open operators are to implementing on-demand services within their communities, the better off they’ll be today and into the future.

Check out a preview of How the On-Demand Economy Can Reshape Senior Living below:

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