Webinar Last Chance: Wearables for Senior Care—A Real-Life Application

Wearables and remote monitoring technology offer many clear benefits for seniors, their families and the communities and home health organizations that support their care. But there are many valid concerns to overcome: what if my seniors won’t wear a wearable? How do I keep their data secure? What kind of Wi-Fi is needed to support such an initiative? How do I manage the corresponding data with IoT integration in a way that improves outcomes?

The challenge with some of the resident technology available today is that it creates a disruptive experience – it asks residents and their families to change behavior and learn an unfamiliar, new process in order to realize the benefits.

The ultimate goal for resident technology is that it enhances seniors’ lives through a seamless experience that makes them feel good and encourages activity and socialization.


During this webinar, you’ll:

1) Learn how to structure a resident technology program that gets seniors engaged and is tailored to support their interest and ability to utilize technology in a positive way.

2) Review the necessary IoT technology considerations and logistics to prepare for wearables, remote monitoring and meaningful resident data management.


3) Gain an understanding of the importance of an analytics dashboard to power your community’s resident technology.

4) Learn about LifeWell/Pinpoint Senior Living’s and Benchmark Senior Living’s own experiences rolling out resident technology, including lessons learned and best practices.

Webinar: Wearables for Senior Care: A Real-Life Application and How to Make It a Reality in Your Community

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When: Tuesday, October 25

Time: 2:00 PM CST

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